Keywords for Adobe Lightroom / Apple Aperture

Birds of the WorldMammals of the World, and MarineLife keyword lists are importable keywords files created by professional photographers to simplify wildlife keywording workflow for photographers.

The lists offer keywords for nearly all of the animals in each of the respective subject genres, including common names, scientific names, descriptive terms, colors, and body parts.

At the moment, the keyword list is officially compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, although many of our users have been able to use them in other applications like Photo Mechanic and Breeze Browser without problem. Official support for other applications is planned for the future.

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Three Photographic Truths of The 21st Century

  1. The use of metadata will be the key to finding images in a timely manner.
  2. Applying metadata is often a boring, repetitive, time consuming task that keeps users from doing the things one really wants and needs to be doing.
  3. Keyword lists will save lots and lots and lots of time


Do you question if you will ever use a keyword?

Keywords are words added to the metadata of an image or other asset to help people searching for information or assets, both locally, and on the web. As photographers, we add keywords to images to make them easier to find. If every web programmer and search engine in the world thinks keywords are a good idea for finding things, shouldn’t you take advantage of the same concept?

Search for “sparrow”, “Fred” and “California” and instantly see every image of a sparrow in California with Fred Fred in the same frame. By searching for images using keywords and captions, one never has to search by scrolling through every picture shot during a particular trip (or multiple trips).

Stock photography agencies require keywords so both the agency and customers can effectively search their massive database of images. Adding keywords to your images prepares you for the day you start selling to agencies.

Although captions are extremely important for properly describing an image for searching, images can also have multiple keywords attached, which makes finding desired images even easier. This is the power of our wildlife keyword lists. Ideally, every animal species in your photographs should be searchable by not only its species name and common name(s), but also by its full taxonomic structure. When our wildlife keyword lists are used to attach a particular keyword to an image, there can be as many as 10 additional keywords immediately assigned to the image, allowing the image to be found more easily during searches.

Birds of the World keyword list contains keywords for nearly 30,000 species and corresponding subspecies of birds around the world, and also includes descriptive terms, colors and body parts.

MarineLife keyword list contains keywords for over 12,000 marine species and subspecies. Also available is the Indonesian Fishes and Tropical Pacific Invertebrates keyword list, which updates older MarineLife Keywords customers to match v2.0 of MarineLife Keywords. Note that MarineLife Keywords v2.0 includes the Indonesia/Tropical Pacific update.

Mammals of the World keyword list contains keywords for over 5,600 mammal species and subspecies.