Tony Wu reviews MarineLife Keywords

Underwater photographer Tony Wu has posted an article on his blog about organizing and cataloging photos using MarineLife Keywords.

There’s help available now, at least for marine photographers, in the form of a pre-packaged list of key words for marine life that covers the genus and species of over 4,000 fish, 4,000 invertebrates, and all known marine turtles, rays, skates, sharks, marine reptiles and marine mammals…basically, just about everything you’re likely to encounter. What this means is that once you’ve identified your subject (No…unfortunately the keyword list cannot ID marine life for you!), you can literally drag-and-drop all the relevant keywords onto your file(s), saving you the time and hassle of typing, and also ensuring consistency.

Tony Wu keywords in Aperture
Tony Wu keywords in Aperture
So to wrap up, if you take a lot of photos and need a good filing system…use Aperture or Lightroom, and get the MarineLife Keywords list to make keywording quicker and easier.

Tony is one of the most prolific underwater photographers around. At his blog,, Tony posts regular updates from his regular trips to incredible dive destinations. Not only does Tony post examples of his incredible work, he also writes about the techniques he uses to capture them.

Read the full review for Tony’s insights about keywording.