Chris Crumley uses MarineLife Keywords

Photographer Chris Crumley writes in with a testimonial about MarineLife Keyword List:

… my entire image database of 130,000 images is on Adobe Lightroom and all images are keyworded. In many subject areas, my keywords are exact and extensive. Almost anyone in the English-speaking world can find a needed image if it’s in my file. In other subject areas, marine life included, my keywords are very basic, or general, and need help. To help update my marine life keywords, I’ve done the Metadata Import of the nearly 13,000 keywords provided in your Master Marine Keywords List and I’m finding it extremely helpful and educational taking my marine files to the next level. I especially like the ability to start keywording and if I don’t have time to consult an ID book at that moment, keyword a common name > MORE KEYWORDS. This gets me back later to resolve the keywords to a more concise level. I appreciate the time and effort you and others put into making this product available.