Alex Mustard reviews MarineLife Keywords

Award-winning underwater photographer Alexander Mustard has written a entry about MarineLife Keywords:

I have been trying it and there is no doubt that it is awesome. Anyone who has to keyword marine life should get it – whether it is for library submissions or for your own indexing. For me its a no-brainer because it works and saves masses of time. Its that simple… So far I have not found any marine species that are not there (and I have tried some tricky ones) – well apart from Sus scrofa – which I think should be added as a tribute to Wetpixel Expeditions! Now you might think that I am only writing positive words because a friend of mine helped develop it. Far from it. I have tried to look as critically as I can, but it is hard to find criticism. It installs non-destructively to all you previous work in seconds, just works and saves masses of time.

You can read Alex’s full post at the Wetpixel forums.